YOGA for ME IS TEMPORARILY CLOSED BEGINNING THURSDAY, MARCH 19th and will continue through APRIL 1st. This date is subject to change.


Yoga for Me is a small studio committed to honoring your health and your loved ones. Please be sure to bring your own mat to class; I also suggest bringing a small towel to cover a bolster or blanket if you use one at the studio. Presently, classes are being held–we have the luxury of being a small studios and our classes are small. If you have any concerns or questions, please reach out to me.  Thank you, Sandy Weiss








       Please see the “Classes page” for Weekly Schedule           



Yoga for Me is set in a beautiful log cabin in Leon Springs. Feel the calmness and serenity as you enter the property surrounded by nature and majestic trees. All levels are taught within each class making your yoga practice perfect for you. Move, breathe, and become part of our community. 


Join us soon!